If Good Skin is Treasure, Nature is the Key!

India's greatest potential lies in the age-old medicinal and transformational herbs that spring off the deeply rich earth of this country. Combining the magic of Indian Ingredients with Exotic Essential Oils, We at Khadi Premium have Created the Perfect mix of Products for your Hair, Skin & Body Regime.

So go ahead, Discover these Treasures for Yourself!

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Megha Anand

I love the regular Khadi products as well, but there are a definite premium feel and quality to the Khadi Premium range which I think is ideal for consumers. The chocolate face mask and soaps so far are my favorite, I love the body wash & body lotion too, it’s definitely top notch quality for skin care and price point wise is perfect. The Khadi premium shampoo range is definitely a class above than the regular ones, regular shampoos would leave a dry sensation in my hair but the premium range does not. 

Megha Arora

The environment-friendly Khadi Premium product range is a traditional breath of fresh air in a highly competitive cosmetic market. A unique combination of natural exotic ingredients and essential oils, this is just the kind of products I was looking for to enhance my wellness regimen. I love their chocolate face mask, which makes my skin radiate with energy and gives me a fresh look. After using the mask and before stepping out I make sure to use their face mist as well for an even better result. Also, the combo of using the Hair Oil containing Tangerine, Vitamin E and Olive Oil along with the Coffee Shampoo gives my hair a nutritious boost without having to worry about any side effects. In this age of going green, I strongly recommend their range of gentle yet effective products!

Venu Joshi

I have used their face product solutions, namely the face wash, scrub, and mask. What I really like about their products is that they are made of natural ingredients. They are really mild on the skin, which makes it super soft and supple post usage and makes me feel good. Been using them regularly and have seen positive results on my skin. Blemishes have faded with the help of the mask I am using. I am in love with their products and totally recommend using Khadi Premium.

Richa Kamat

The Khadi Premium Moisturiser I have used is a very effective long lasting cream which shows immediate results and has a lovely natural fragrance.




Argan is an evergreen Moroccan tree, which has heavy wood and yields seeds whose oil is widely used in cosmetics. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids benefiting our hair and skin in many ways. It acts as a skin moisturizer and also possesses anti-aging & antioxidant properties. Argan based products are widely used for acne & dry skin, as well as in hair conditioners to give your hair a silky texture.


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What is stretch marks and how does it occur?

Stretch marks (medical name stria, striae or strea gravidarum) are caused by tearing of the dermis. This often happens due to stretching of the skin when we gain weight rapidly. These marks form narrow streaks or lines that occur in the surface of the skin, appear to be red or purple to start with and gradually fade to silvery-white color. They appear on stomach, thighs, hips, upper arms, and lower back...Read more


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